Investment Consulting Services

Prairie Capital provides a broad range of investment consulting services to its clients, including wealth management, investment research and other ancillary services.

Wealth Management

Prairie Capital provides customized investment consulting services tailored to the specific needs of each client. We spend a significant amount of time understanding each client’s unique investment objectives and financial goals. The firm’s investment process includes the following steps:

Evaluate the client’s specific financial goals and objectives

Develop initial asset allocation

Select appropriate asset classes and third-party investment managers

Provide continuous monitoring of strategy, allocation and managers

Implement strategic and tactical changes to the portfolio

Provide periodic portfolio reviews (typically quarterly)


Investment Research

Prairie Capital employs a multi-disciplined team approach when performing asset class and investment manager due diligence. The Investment Committee (comprised of the firm’s Managing Directors) leads these due diligence efforts in coordination with our Research Team. Prairie Capital will evaluate client-directed investment prospects upon request.

Open Architecture Structure

  • An open architecture platform allows Prairie Capital to search the entire breadth and depth of the investment universe to present a broad range of investment options to each client, rather than a limited list of approved investments.
  • Our goal is to find the highest quality third-party managers in their respective asset classes, and to objectively analyze, evaluate and monitor these managers over time.

Traditional & Alternative Investments

  • Prairie Capital offers its clients both traditional and alternative investments.
  • Traditional investments include actively and passively managed fixed income and equity strategies, typically using separate accounts managed by third-party portfolio managers, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.
  • Alternative investments include hedge funds (long/short equity, multi-strategy, opportunistic credit), private equity (venture, buyout, growth, distressed debt), private equity co-investments and other alternative asset classes such as master limited partnerships and real estate.

Manager Access

  • Through years of building professional relationships, Prairie Capital has developed access to many premier global investment managers.
  • Many of these managers are closed or have limited capacity for new outside investors.

Other Ancillary Services

A comprehensive investment consulting relationship extends well beyond wealth management and investment research. Prairie Capital provides a number of additional, value-add services including:

Short-term and long-term budgeting, and financial planning

Back office and administrative support

Tax and audit support, and coordination with accountants

Coordination with other professional service providers, including estate planning attorneys

Sourcing, evaluating and helping secure financing

Educational services on investment management for clients and family members